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July 31st – Friday – 8:30pm / the tower of St. Catherine’s Church /
Emil Miszk / trumpet /, Monika Kaźmierczak / carillon /

Gdańsk Yesterday and Today

Emil Miszk (*1990)
Legenda (2019)

Geert D’hollander (*1965)
Etiudy z cyklu „Ludus modalis” (2011) w opracowaniu na trąbkę i carillon (opr. E. Miszk)

Emil Miszk (*1990)
Forgetfulness (2019)

Geert D’hollander (*1965)
Etiudy z cyklu “Wellesley Studies” w opracowaniu na trąbkę i carillon (opr. E. Miszk)

Emil Miszk (*1990)
Nun lob mein’ Seel’ den Herren (Sław duszo moja Pana, na podstawie opracowań z Księgi carillonowej Johanna Ephraima Eggerta (Gdańsk, 1784)

Katarzyna Kwiecień-Długosz (*1978)
Daylight na trąbkę i carillon (2020), premiera polska


born 1990
Graduate of the the class of trumpet of the Gdańsk Music Academy. Member of numerous groups associated with the Tri-city music scene such as Algorhythm and the Baroque trumpet quartet Tubicinatores Gedanenses. Fryderyk Prize winner for his debut album „Don’t Hesitate!” released in 2018 with his octet Emil Miszk & The Sonic Syndicate. He worked with well-known artists such as Markus Stockhausen, Sławek Jaskułke, Marcin Masecki, Mitch & Mitch. Co- Founder of Alpaka Records, independent music label from Gdansk. Performed on many festivals in Poland and Europe including Jazz Nad Odrą, Jazz Jamboree, Jazz 2016, So What’s Next, IdeeJazz, Jazzahead! Bremen.


Gdańsk carillonist since 2001, graduate of Music Academy in Gdańsk (Theory of Music, Church Music, Choir Conducting) and The Netherlands Carillon School in Amersfoort. She started to play the carillon during courses organized by Gdańsk History Museum run by Gert Oldenbeuving from Holland. Laureate of numerous scholarships, among others the President of Gdańsk Stipend for the best student, Huygens Scholarship from the Dutch government to study in Amersfoort, Cultural Stipend of the City of Gdańsk which resulted in taking master classes in Belgium in Geert D’hollander class.
In 2012, she obtained a doctorate in playing the carillon at the Instrumental Department of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk.
Currently, she is an assistant professor at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, where she teaches, among others, the carillon. In the years 2011-2015 she was the chairperson of the Polish Carillon Society and in 2006-2017 she conducted the Gdańsk Burghers Choir. Since 2018 she has been nominally performing the function of the city carillonist. She actively organizes concerts in Gdańsk and performs in Poland and all over the world (in Lithuania, France, Belgium, Holland, USA, Ireland and other).