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August 14th – Friday – 8:30 pm / the tower of St. Catherine’s Church /
Michał Szczerba / French horn, Monika Kaźmierczak carillon /

Cari-Horn – New Music for Carillon and Horn

Geert D’hollander (*1965)
Ludus Modalis II (2011):
VI – Invention,
IV – Reflecting on Thoughts (w opracowaniu na waltornię i carillon)

Loreta Narvilaite (*1965)
Cari-Horn (2020, premiera)

K. Kwiecień-Długosz (*1978)
A Lullaby for…. (2019)

Arvo Pärt (*1935)
Spiegel im Spiegel (1978, w opracowaniu na carillon i waltornię)

Krzysztof Falkowski (*1996)
Little variation for carillon (2019, premiera)

K. Kwiecień-Długosz (*1978)
Kopciuszek. 7 aforyzmów (wersja na carillon i waltornię)
– W domu / At home
– Macocha / Stepmother
– Czary matki chrzestnej / The Godmother’s Magic
– W karecie / In the coach
– Taniec z księciem / Dancing with the Prince
– Zgubiony pantofelek / The Lost Slipper
– Ślub / The Wedding


born in 1982
Graduate of Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk where he studied horn performance in the class of professor Edward Daniecki. He also attended masterclasses with artists such as Radovan Vlatković and Frøydis Ree Wekre. During his final year as a student he won the position of principal horn in the Polish Baltic Philharmonic which he occupies until this day. Accomplished soloist, Szczerba performed with several philharmonic and chamber orchestras all around Poland and abroad (Belgium, Malaysia). Co-founder of the ensemble Hevelius Brass, one of the founders of Hornet Quartet, a horn ensemble consisting of principal horns from leading Polish orchestras. With that group he received the Silver Medal at the Svirel competition in Slovenia and won The Horn Quartet Competition organized by The International Horn Society in Natal, Brazil. Finalist and laureate of the Edwin Golnik Horn Competition 2006 organized in Łódź, Poland. His recordings include two solo, five chamber and several dozen orchestral CDs. Since 2016 a professor of horn at Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music. Resident artist of Corno Brass Music Festival, where he hosts master classes.


Gdańsk carillonist since 2001, graduate of Music Academy in Gdańsk (Theory of Music, Church Music, Choir Conducting) and The Netherlands Carillon School in Amersfoort. She started to play the carillon during courses organized by Gdańsk History Museum run by Gert Oldenbeuving from Holland. Laureate of numerous scholarships, among others the President of Gdańsk Stipend for the best student, Huygens Scholarship from the Dutch government to study in Amersfoort, Cultural Stipend of the City of Gdańsk which resulted in taking master classes in Belgium in Geert D’hollander class.
In 2012, she obtained a doctorate in playing the carillon at the Instrumental Department of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk.
Currently, she is an assistant professor at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, where she teaches, among others, the carillon. In the years 2011-2015 she was the chairperson of the Polish Carillon Society and in 2006-2017 she conducted the Gdańsk Burghers Choir. Since 2018 she has been nominally performing the function of the city carillonist. She actively organizes concerts in Gdańsk and performs in Poland and all over the world (in Lithuania, France, Belgium, Holland, USA, Ireland and other).