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 14th August, Saturday 12:05 pm / the tower of the Main Town Hall /

Johann Sebastian Bach – in memoriam of might-have-been Gdańsk Kapellmeister

Toru Takao /Japan/Germany/


Jan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) 

Z “12 Małych Preludiów”: 

– Preludium F-dur BWV 927
– Preludium C-dur BWV 939
– Preludium c-moll na lutnię BWV 999
– Preludium d-moll BWV926
– Preludium e-moll BWV941
– Preludium F-dur BWV927
– Preludium g-moll BWV929
– Preludium a-moll BWV942 

Adagio BWV 974 

Toccata i fuga d-moll BWV 565 (opr. T. Takao) 

Passacaglia i fuga c-moll BWV 582 (opr. M. Smitt, wersja na carillon 3 oktawy T. Takao) 


is Japanese Carillonneur. He studied carillon performance in Utrecht Conservatory (Nederlandse Beiaardschool Amersfoort) with Arie Abbenes, Bernard Winsemius and Frans Haagen. In 2008, he graduated with Master of Music (MMus) degree. He participated a number of international carillon performance competitions and won several prizes, notably 2nd prize in Belgium’s „Queen Fabiola” contest in 2008 and 1st prize at the „NKV Carillon Competition” in the Netherlands in 2008 and in the occasion of 100 years of establishment of the Dutch carillon society in 2018. 

Currently Toru lives in Wuppertal, Germany. In 2012, he and his wife Katarzyna reinstituted regular recitals for the carillon of St. Aldegundiskirche, Emmerich, Germany and in 2015, they started to organize carillon music festival ”Emmericher Glocken Sommer” in cooperation with local guild and church. They are City Carillonneur of Emmerich in 2019. Since 2017 he is one of the members of German carillon association. He is one of the founding members of “Association for Carillon Art in Japan” to advise restoring or installing carillons in Japan and promoting carillon music culture in Japan.